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Livestream 2016

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Project Eagle

Why would I want to give them away?

Well not exactly.

Many times my students have made it clear that they would like to have a look into my world as an artist whilst creating a piece of art.

 As it is not possible to have large quantities of people in my workspace, the idea of broadcasting live via internet sprung to mind.

With the making of my latest two sculptures, the oppertunity became clear.
I could not stop making new eagles, the size growing more every time there was a new one.
This sculpture would be fitting for online creation and demonstrion of how to:

Choose your lines and ditribute the mass a certain way and why

Different techniques of wax application and wax types

Using molten wax and making your own mixture

What are wax tools and how to use them

Making a sculpture without the use of a wire skeleton

The freedom of wax sculpting and how to exploit this freedom

Making line and movement work for you

Incorperating strength and fragility

How do I work up towards smooth surfaces

How do I give my sculpture a soul or inner glow

etc. etc.  etc.

Of course the cost of uploading that much bytes of data and the equipment needed to do this costs money.
Logically instead of financing the online teaching myself, I thought of other people sponsering the livestream.

I only have a little over 50 students so the idea became even bigger, more universal.
As I am English speaking by origin, the idea was born to teach in English.

Why however would any stranger want to sponser this livestream? Well because you have a chance to win this set of original bronze sculptures of nearly 60 cm high worth € 1.150,- each, indulge on your curiosity about the creation of sculpture and get lessons online with the possibility of asking questions via Twitter.


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